Turn Customer Feedback & Complaints into Market Leadership, Dominance, Max Profitability


Turn Customer Insights & Complaints into Market Leadership, Dominance, Max Profitability

Research has shown that customers are willing to donate their time (approx. 5-10 hours per week) to become a company and brand partner to help your company grow and become more successful


Key Customer Questions to Grow Your Market Share, Profitability

If you don’t ask your customers for insights, they will share them with someone else in the form of negative feedback, complaining, etc. which will erode your perception in the marketplace


Golden Questions to Win New Customer, Expand Your Business with New Products & Services

Customers are your best source for insights to help grow and improve your business – if you don’t ask, then you are ignoring valuable feedback that your competitors potentially could exploit to your detriment


Customer Complaints Can Be Turned Into Gold with the Right Approach

Treat Customer Complaints not as annoyances but rather as gifts to the company and brand(s)


Transform Customer Complaints into Company Expansion Plans and Customers into Brand Advocates

A carefully constructed customer-partner system will simultaneously cultivate great customer business expansion ideas as well as customer advocates and partners (Research has shown that, by enabling customers to provide continuous feedback and insights, customer longer-term loyalty has correspondingly increased)

Customer Emotions that Drive Buying Behavior

Find out why most companies miss the mark in terms of focusing on generating positive customer emotions


Solutions to Problems AND Good Customer Emotions Need to Exist for Long-Term Loyalty

Good products and services are only part of the equation in terms of generating customer repeat business, loyalty, long-term retention


Some Customers Will Work to Destroy Your Business While Others Are Willing Partners in Helping You Grow, Be More Successful

Some customers will actually work to kill your company and brand(s), namely dissenters and defectors, while others will work tirelessly to bolster your sales, reputation, customer acquisition efforts, etc.


Guidelines for Generating Positive Customer Emotions and Relations

It is essential that all of your customer facing team members are representing the company and brand well, and that they adhere to your stated customer principles


Sample Steps to Developing an Environment Where Customers Are Motivated to Buy from Your Company

Your customer facing team members need to develop a customer interaction playbook that is consistent with your brand and customer mantra


Alignment of the customer delivery ‘value chain’ is Crucial

Every aspect of your customer delivery ‘value chain’ needs to be synchronized to deliver a highly consistent and high quality (emotional) experience as rated by your customers


A Chief Customer Officer’s (CCO) role is to Advocate for the Customer within the CxO suite

** Refer to previous blog article on the 5 R’s of customer loyalty – https://goo.gl/L4IA3q

If you rate customer satisfaction and loyalty as a high company priority, then they must be represented by a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) that will truly advocate for customers and set the customer standards that drive positive customer emotions

Summary:  The following points summarize the content of this blog as follows:

  • In order to develop customer loyalty you must have both great products and services as well as the ability to generate positive customer emotions (customer delight, feeling connected to the company)

  • Segments of your customer base will work to destroy your attempt at market success while others are your partners in helping your company become even more successful.

  • In order to drive positive customer emotions and convert your customers into advocates and super-advocates, you must develop an internal customer relations playbook (develop customer vision, code of customer interaction conduct, etc.)

  • Every aspect of your customer delivery ‘value chain’ needs to be in-synch in order to deliver an end-to-end superb and fulfilling customer experience

  • Every company should have the equivalent of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) in order to set the customer vision and standards and be the ultimate advocate for all of your customers.

Win a Customer for Life by Employing the 5 R’s of Customer Loyalty



The 5 “R’s” of Customer Loyalty


Ensure Your Company is 5 “R” Customer Compliant

Following the 5 R’s of Customer Loyalty Will Enable Your Company to Attract and Keep Customers for Life



Ensure Your Company is Customer R-Reliable



Top Steps to Ensuring Your Company is R-Reliable

The First “R” of Customer Loyalty Is Setting High Quality Customer Standards (External) and Goals (Internal) and then Delivering on that Customer Promise for Each and Every Customer Interaction as well as the overall & long-term customer relationship



Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Reliability




Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Reliability (continued)




Ensure Your Company is Customer R-Responsive



Top Steps for Your Company to Become Customer R-Responsive


The 2nd “R” of Customer Loyalty Is Ensuring That Customer’s Expectations Are Met: Needs, Concerns, Quality, Cycle Time Expectations, etc.


Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Responsiveness

Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Responsiveness



Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Responsiveness (continued)



Ensure Your Company is Customer R-Recognizable



Top Steps for Your Company to Become Customer R-Recognizable

The 3rd “R” of Customer Loyalty Is Ensuring That Your Brand and Company has Distinctive and Positive Characteristics such that it drives positive emotions (driving repeat business, customer referrals, word-of-mouth adverting, etc. 



Example of How a Company Becomes Customer R-Recognizable



Example of How a Company Becomes Customer R-Recognizable (continued)



Ensure Your Company is R-Relationship Oriented



Top Steps for Your Company to Become Customer R-Relationship Oriented

The 4th “R” of Customer Loyalty Is Ensuring That Your Brand and Company develops a high quality and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers based on mutual respect, customer insights, an ongoing and open dialogue and a model that encourages a partnership between your brand & company and your customers 



Example of How a Company Demonstrates That It Is Customer R-Relationship Oriented



Example of How a Company Demonstrates That It Is Customer R-Relationship Oriented (continued)




Ensure Your Company is Customer R-Rewarding



Top Steps for Your Company to Become Customer R-Rewarding

The 5th “R” of Customer Loyalty Is Ensuring That Your Brand and Company rewards mutually beneficial customer behavior (greater share of wallet, spend, brand partnership activities, etc.) such that it drives further and longer-term customer loyalty.



Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Rewarding



Example of How a Company Demonstrates Customer R-Rewarding (continued)



Is Your Company Ready to Take the 5 “R” Pledge?

SUMMARY: If you take the pledge above to adhere to the 5 R’s of customer loyalty, you will enhance your ability to attract and retain customers for life. Key to this is developing the capabilities to be best in class for each “R” and ensuring that you are (cost effectively) maintaining a major qualitative advantage in each customer R vs. your competitors.

The Formula for Creating a Positive Chain Reaction with Your Customers and Clients To Win & Keep Them for Life


Introducing the Theory of Customer-Relativity


Theory Of Customer Relativity


Danger – Critical Mass With Your Customers Ahead !


Relativity – Treat Customer Like Family

Treating customers, clients and guests like your close relatives will create lasting customer loyalty lasting many generations.


Memorable Guest Experience Formula


Critical Mass Formula for Customer Excellence


Derived Benefits from the Customer-Relative Relativity Formula

Following the customer theory of relativity formula can net your company a distinctive customer competitive advantage


Family Like Customers


Critical Mass Formula for Customer Excellence


Listen Intently – Family & Customers

Listen intently to your customers for improvement gifts in order to improve upon your product and service delivery


Welcome – Family & Customers


Fulfill Special Requests – Family & Customers

Discovering and fulfilling unmet customer needs is a golden opportunity for you to grow your business


Made to Feel Welcome – Family & Customers

Leveraging gathered insights can help you surprise & delight your customers by anticipating and pre-delivering (without having to be requested) on customer needs and preferences


Gather & Leverage Needs & Preferences to Surprise & Delight Your Guests



Make Your Guests Feel at Home – Family & Customers

Delivering on a company environment that drives a feeling of belonging, contentment, ‘connectedness’ will endear your customers to your company and brand and make them loyal for life



Ensure the end-to-end guest experience ‘chain’ is optimal, memorable, etc.

Mapping, analyzing and applying continuous improvement to the end-to-end guest experience on an ongoing basis will ensure each step of that experience chain is high quality and optimal



Hire & Maintain World-Class (1-in-10,000) Customer Ambassadors who treat customers like family



Top 3 Keys to Delivering an Exceptional Customer/Client Experience

  1. Hire passionate ‘customer ambassadors’ and empower them to drive your customer & client experience. These ambassadors are typically extremely difficult to find and are generally a 1-in-1,000 find, but if you know you have found one when many of your public reviews mention this person by name as delivering exceptional (family like) customer service.

  2. Adopt a customer/client first set of policies and practices that empower your entire team to make right any customer perceived imperfection, unmet need, etc. in the delivery of your products and/or services. This is similar of how you would go out of your way to ensure your relatives are comfortable when visiting as guests.

  3. To support #2 above, develop a listening & learning system to collect, retain and then deliver on expressed customer/client needs, wishes, preferences, etc. Ritz-Carlton does this extremely well with their guests and it shows in terms of attained customer satisfaction levels.


By employing an E=MC² formula and treating your customers comparable to your relatives, you will create a positive chain reaction experience unlike any other and enable your company to leapfrog your competitors. This formula has worked for numerous companies employing those 1-in-a-thousand customer ambassadors who care about customer with all their heart as they do they own relatives.

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